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Systematics of the Arachnida

If this is an inappropriate topic for this community, please feel free to delete it!

Hi, I have a tiny favor to ask, and I hope a few of you may be able to help me out.

I'm not a major philosophy buff; currently I'm enrolled in a biomedical ethics course at my college, and I just find it so thought-provoking and wonderful, which is an extremely rare emotion for me to feel regarding /school/. Anyhow, we've been assigned a term paper (how original) to write on our topic of choice. I have very strong feelings concerning the welfare and rights of animals, so, of course, my topic is animal experimentation. There were so many appealing topics to choose from, but I decided I should remain true to my roots.

My question is... does anyone know of any good books that I could find at a local library concerning this topic? I'm having difficulty finding the exact information that I need to write my paper on the internet, and I really don't want to do a blind run through the library in search of books on animal ethics. I'd like to get the full scope of how people think in terms of animal experimentation and ethics, so any literature you could think of will be just fine, whether it be for or against the use of non-human animals in medical experimentation.

Any help would be so greatly appreciated - and if nobody can help, or if this is an inappropriate topic for this community, then it's no matter. I'll just do that blind run after all. :)

Thanks so much!
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