Brave Sir Giggles (fireandice25) wrote in scietech,
Brave Sir Giggles

Holiday Cheer ...

In the spirit of the holiday season I'd like to share a little something to make you smile.

Are Scientists Interesting?

Musing on my reaction, I came to a somewhat unnerving conclusion. The fact of the matter is we scientists simply are not all that interesting. If I may generalize wildly, we are usually dull people with interesting ideas - as distinguished from artists (interesting people with dull ideas) and dancers and athletes (dull people with dull ideas and magnificent physical skills). The more a story focuses on what scientists actually do, I fear, the less interesting it will be.

- James S. Trefil, in Scientific American

Happy Holidays.

EDIT: This post was not meant to offend ... I wanted to share it because I found it amusing. I am a musician and a scientist, though only the latter classification is professional, and I did not mean to imply that the two are mutually exclusive. I have nothing against artists, dancers or athletes ... I respect what they do and at times I wish I had their talent.
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